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Want to test your skills and know where you stand globally? Name any game, we got a tournament for that. Participate and win big prizes!

practice Scrims

"Practice makes a man perfect". uDG Esports always got your back when it comes to sharpening your skills. Join our discord for more.

event management

Want to organize a gaming event? Need a management team? Contact us today and our best men will be at your service.

Featured events

Clashers cup season 3

CCS3 strip.png

Clashers cup season 2

CCS2 strip.png

Clashers cup

strip clashers.png

stephanie cup

strip scup.png

Stephanie Championship Lower Townhall

strip lth.png

stephanie Championship Regionals

strip reg.png

holi scrims

strip holi.png

Winter clash

strip wnt.png

Fiesta de Juex

strip fdj.png

PUBG Mobile Underdog league

strip pmul.png

PUBG Mobile Dreamers Cup

strip dream.png
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